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  1. Among all the weapon systems India wishes to rush the delivery of from the allies— US, Russia, France, Israel, none is as lethal as S-400 Triumph Air Defence System developed by Russian based Almaz- Antey Group. India’s acquisition of S-400 has implications for a number of potential conflict zones, including the ongoing conflicts with China over Ladakh and can tilt the balance of power. Being a true Anti-Access Area Denial system , the Triumph is capable of intercepting a gamut of targets, from lumbering transport aircraft to agile fighter jets and cruise missiles, and even ballistic missiles. The system uses longest range interceptor 40N6E missile having speed upto mach 14 capable of rendering most of the Chinese high value jets obsolete. Thus India’s acquisition of the S-400 allows it to enforce an effective no fly zone during the crisis situation. However, it must also be noted that China already has such a system acquired from Russia year ago thereby posing threat to Indian aircrafts as well. Thus it is high time India should have S-400 to deter the Chinese emboldenment.

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