Solar Energy: The Best Solution To The Global Energy Crisis

solar energy

The process of industrial development is taking place at a very fast rate throughout the world. We all are dependent on energy sources to complete the need for Industries to do every work e.g. electric fans, bikes, motorcars, shopping malls, machinery in factories, etc.

Fossil fuels (e.g. coal, natural gas, crude oil, etc)are nonrenewable energy resources that are formed naturally through anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms like trees, animals. It forms in millions of years. Fossil fuels are limited and cannot sustain the energy crisis problem for much longer.

To fulfill the scarcity of energy, we all need to use the new technology. These technologies help us to harness the renewable resources of energy energy, wind energy, water energy, tidal energy, etc.

Solar energy is the best option among all the renewable energy recourses which has the capacity to hold our need for energy. We are in need of the best technology that can harness solar energy to complete the requirement of energy.

Solar energy is environment friendly which means it produces very less pollution compared to other resources like coal and crude oils.

Here I will try to discuss various parts of solar energy like,

what is solar energy? What are the applications of solar energy? Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy (Pros and cons of solar energy)? Solar energy in India., etc.

what is solar energy

What is Solar Energy?

We all know that the capacity of an object to do any work is called energy. Solar energy is renewable energy which comes from the sun which is the biggest source of energy too.

Using solar energy we are solving the scarcity of energy which is being used by us in our daily life. You can understand it by the term “Solar”. Solar refers to the sun. In sun due to fusion in Hydrogen into Helium, it always emits a lot of energy into space.

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The definition of solar energy:

The sun emits an enormous amount of energy in the form of light and heat. This happens due to the fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium. The light and heat reach to earth through space. Solar energy can be utilized by converting it into electrical energy.

Solar energy is the most important renewable source of energy.

The conversion of solar energy into electrical energy is very cheap. This can be used in different areas like our home, streetlights, industries, railway stations, etc.

The sun produces a plentiful amount of heat and light energy due to the fusion of hydrogen atom into helium. For the planet earth, the sun is the prime source of energy and the main reason for life on earth.

sun is ultimate energy source

Why we are in need of harnessing solar energy?

The industrial development is increasing at a very fast pace throughout the world. To support the development consistently, the requirement of energy is growing tremendously.

We all know fossil fuels are limited energy resources. The present rate of consumption of fossil fuel will exhaust it completely in the middle of the 21st century. This situation can create an unprecedented crisis of energy in the world.

To resolve the futuristic problem of the energy crisis, there is a need for the best alternatives' energy resource that can long-lasting.

Solar energy is the best renewable source of energy that can meet our requirements. The best alternative among all the renewable sources of energy (e.g. wind energy, water energy, etc) is our sun.

Sun is a huge and everlasting renewable energy source. Our solar technology is growing from day to day. Solar power plants helping us to harness the clean energy of the sun into solar electrical energy.

Solar energy received by our planet in a single day is equivalent to 50,000 times of the energy being consumed by all the countries in the world in a year.

There is a need for improvements in our solar technology. So that solar energy could not be wasted and it can be stored in the grid of the power station.


Application of Solar Energy II Traditional methods of harnessing solar energy through solar technologies:

Solar energy is the ultimate energy that is being used in our daily life. It is helping us to complete our work in a cost-effective manner.

Solar energy is environment friendly and helpful in many ways, which leads our ways to reach heights of achievements in the area of growing industries' efficiency, our daily needs.

In our life, solar energy is being used direct and indirect ways. In direct ways means we harness solar energy through solar panels, solar cookers, solar water heater, etc. Through solar cells, we directly convert solar energy into electric energy.

In indirect method of harnessing solar energy is like energy being consumed by our body, plants, animals, etc. Sun energy is the reason for life on earth. The sun energy is the reason for wind energy, the energy of flowing water, tides, and sea waves energy.

Solar energy is being used:

e.g. solar power fans, solar power in cars, solar power pumps for fountains, solar power for homes, solar power charger, solar power floodlights, solar power for a water pump, solar power security camera, air conditioner by solar power, solar power motion lights, solar power phone charger, solar power in calculators, solar power street lights, etc.

satellite using solar panels

The major applications of Solar Energy are.

1- Solar energy is preferably being used in electronic devices. Many devices are now inbuilt solar cells which do not require any other power source to operate like calculators, watches, etc.

2- Solar energy solves electricity problems in our home or an alternative source of electricity.

Sometimes we face an electricity cut due to the limitation of power sources. To resolve the major problems like electricity cut, we can use solar energy to produce electricity.

3- Solar energy is an ideal option in industries to operate at a low cost and yield in an effective manner. Using solar energy help industries to become environmentally friendly.

In today’s time industry is growing fast and their primary requirement is energy. Solar energy is the best alternative which solves the problem of pollution too.

4- Solar energy resolving the problems of the agriculture sector. This is helpful in irrigation problems using solar motors and pumps.

Solar water pump solves the problem of costly fuels' problem like petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc, which are costly and needed regularly.

5- Solar energy is also being used in transportation vehicles. Our technologies in the automobile sector are also upgraded. Many bushes, cars, and e-rickshaw, etc are inbuilt with solar panels that are running with the help of solar energy.

6- Solar energy is used in space stations; satellites, etc. In satellites, there are continuous requirements of electricity and which cannot complete by nonrenewable fuels.

Solar energy is the best source of energy which can completely solve the need for electrical energy.

7- Solar energy is being used in the telecom sector as a power source for the towers. This is also being used in drones, power sub-stations, etc.

8- Sun energy reaches on earth in the form of heat and light. Solar energy is used in water heating, solar cookers, etc.

9- Solar energy uses in the solar greenhouse effect. The solar greenhouse uses sun energy in cold places which preserves the heat within and helps to grow plants.

10- Solar energy is very helpful in mountain areas where electricity lines are difficult to reach.



Sun is the prime source of energy for the earth. Solar energy causes the evaporation of water which forms clouds and causes rain. Ultimately these are hints of nature that tell us how solar energy is helpful and cheap.

Presently the government coming up with many solar panels plans which encourage us to use solar energy. The government is providing subsidy so that normal people can purchase and get benefitted from it.

I hope you will like this article on solar energy which lights on the various applications of it and we can use it in our daily life. Please share like and subscribe to our blog for more knowledgeable updates.

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