Story of Berkshire Hathway's Billionaire Chairman

"No one can make an empire in a day."

Warren Buffett is a world-known success icon, an inspiration, most importantly an investment guru for everyone, who is very confident and positive about himself. He is one of the richest and respected businessmen in the world. He is known as ORACLE OF OMAHA. 

Lets me tell you a brief about him :

Full name:      Edward Warren Buffett 
Born:               August 30,1930.
Parents:           Leila Sthal Buffett (Homemaker), Howard
Home Town:   Omaha, Nebraska  
Organization: Berkshire Hathway

He was the second child of the three children of his family and he is the only boy and two sisters. His mother was homemaker and father was a stockbroker, later he became U.S. Congressman. Buffet was very good in Mathematics.

Amazing Journey of  Warren Buffet Life :

 "Success is not a destination it is a continuous progress of  hard work "

                     He is having great demonstrations of business abilities at a very young age. 

1-  We can suppose Buffet has been born with business in his blood because his father was a stockbroker and later his father became a U.S. Congressman.

2-  Generally we see a 6-year-old boy playing video games but can you believe  Warren buffet at the age of six  purchased 6  Coca-Cola packs and sold it with a profit of 5 cents to other. I really can't believe this ! he was making money at the age of 6.

3-  Buffet first stepped into the share market at the age of 11 years old, he initially bought 3 shares of Cities Services at $ 38 of each but suddenly the share price goes down to $27 each. He became little disappointment  but he quickly sold it  when it came to $40 due to fear of loss. Later he was surprised with his decision of selling the shares because in a few days it goes high as $200 each, and this was his first great lesson in his life that having patience is a key to success.

4- At the age of 13, he started to work as a paperboy business and he was selling his own tips on horse racing bets. He just filed a tax return in this very age by claiming $35 for his bike.
5- At the age of 13, he and his friend bought a pinball machine of $25 and installed in a barbershop , its profits makes him able to buy 3 more pinball machines and he placed it in three different places . Later he sold this business for $1200.

6-He earned nearly $10000 by his different businesses till the age of 20 ,these successes motivates him for his future.


1-Masters degree: Economics  at Columbia University

2-He studies economy there under Benjamin Graham, and find him as a mentor. He has influenced by his book " The Intelligent Investor " by Benjamin Graham 's (in 1949). He read it very seriously and learn knowledge about investment.

3-He worked in the company and sold securities for Buffet-Falk & Company for 3 years and after that, he started to work for his mentor Graham, as an analyst at Graham-Newman Corp for 2 years.

4-In 1956, he creates a firm Buffett Partnership Ltd. in Omaha, he used the techniques learned from Graham to identify the undervalued companies and became a millionaire.

5- From 1960 he started to accumulate the shares of the textile company Berkshire Hathway and in 1965 he gets control of the company.

 6-Despite being successful in Buffet partnership firm he dissolved his previous firm and started to focus on Berkshire Hathway.

7-He still lives in the same house which he bought at $34500. 

The best part of his life :

Really his quote suits him :

"He is a man of values, not money ."

In June 2006, As per Warren Buffett's announcement, he gave his entire fortune to charity, committing 85 % of it to the BILL and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This charity was remarkable in the history of the United States.

This is a very short description of his life that remark him as a great inspirational and successful business person. He has a lot of good investment in reputed companies like Apple. He is approximately worth $80 billion. According to Forbes, he is among the richest in the world.

Thank you for reading this great success story and remember that we should always work continuously and don't stop at any point you feel accomplished.

Keep Try Harder to accomplish your dreams.


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