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In my recent post: 
(click to read this article)   Stop being careless about COVID-19 infections  
I was worried and telling about people should be alert of this high situation, the condition may be worse because of coronavirus infection.

I just watched on News Channel about the recent lockdown declaration by our Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji. I am thrilled to hear this announcement because of these trails to stop this high wave of corona infection. People are just busy in their life and getting forgot about this severe situation.

What is the announcement of Uttarpradesh Government:

 As per Today's announcement of Uttar Pradesh Government, because of coronavirus cases across UttarPradesh spiraling, lockdown will be imposed across the state from tomorrow Friday night 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM of 13th of July2020.
             All the offices and the markets/shops of non-essential items, malls, and restaurants will remain closed during the lockdown, while essential services will continue. Further, only bus services will be used for passengers who arrive in the state through trains.
            There are some exceptions, like factories in the rural area will be allowed to work. Works on roads like highways and expressways will also continue to work.
            As per news UttarPradesh so far had over 30000 cases of coronavirus, of which more than approx 20000 patients have recovered, 845 patients have died.

        I will appeal to all citizens of our country to follow the guidelines strictly of our government, which is only for our safety. Please avoid unnecessary traveling or wandering in markets or roads.

Stay Home-Stay Safe-Stay Happy

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