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Should we feel worried about COVID-19 infection in the present situation?
This is an enormous question for the present situation.

We all know CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) is a major problem in every country. We are losing people every day & the declining growth of our country. 
Information is easily available in this era.Every day, we read about COVID-19 news on daily updates in newspapers, TV Channels, by social media, WHO directives, etc.
        We are seeing the graph of COVID-19 recent cases, which are rapidly increasing every day. I am looking at people these days; they are being careless about their life and their family.

🔰In the market or public places, situations are frightening  :

Situations are like:
🔅Most of the people are not using the mask ,
🔅They are not maintaining social distancing guidelines.
🔅They know the precautions, but they are touching everywhere.
🔅Unnecessary people are wandering everywhere, even they don't have any work in public places.
🔅People spit anywhere they want. Etc.

🔰Be Alert :

"Our carelessness leading us in a very dangerous zone."

🔰Why We Should Worry about the Infection :

1-Data Interpretation of Daily New cases in India :

Let us compare the data of fresh cases arise from COVID-19 in the first week of two months April & July 2020.

Comparison of fresh cases of COVID-19 arising daily wise:

Figures: 1 April 2020  to 7 April 2020

1 April

2 April

3 April

4 April

5 April

6 April

7 April








Figures:1 July 2020 to 7 July 2020 

1 July

2 July

3 July

4 July

5 July

6 July 

7 July








Here, we will observe the change in data of fresh cases of COVID-19 between 3 months as shown above in India. Can you believe the increment of fresh cases of COVID-19 within just 3 months? How drastically it is increasing.

The ratio of the first day of April 2020  to the 1st day of July is 1: 32 i.e. we can say if there was one case coming in April-2020 which has increased in just 3 months to 32 to 33 cases per day & still rising.

After taking so many precautions by us, Government directions like lock-down in different phases help to stop the spread of  COVID-19 patients in our country.

As per the recent update of daily new COVID-19 cases on 08 July 2020 is 25571. The number is increasing exponentially from day today.

🔰Comparison of Death Ratio :

The Total note of deaths has become 21151 till now in India. In which Maharashtra state is in the worst situation in either in fresh cases or deaths.

We understand here how much the ratio increased in just 3 months of death.
There were 58 deaths till 1st April 2020 in India, and now it has become 21144 till 8 July 2020.

🔰Comparison of Change of Death ratio  in 3 months :

Comparison of death in a day 
Total deaths in 1 April-23
Total deaths on 8 July -491

We see the ratio has become nearly 1:22. This means that if there was one death a day in April, then in July, it has become 22 a day.This is a very frightening figure of deaths.

We listen every day about some data, but we ignore it with no thought. Let us think if there is a single death familiar to us, does it affect us or motivate us to think about it?

Think about how many people are dying daily because of COVID-19. Maybe some of them would be alive if they would have followed proper precautions.

🔰Awareness in People:

As we all remember the starting days of COVID-19 infection in India, we stopped every mode that can cause the transmission of these virus-like trains, flights, hotels, shops, offices, etc.

🔅People are aware of all the basic information about how we can protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus by taking precautions like social distancing, go outside only when we need something, staying home.

🔅We should avoid taking outside our family members like senior citizens and children because if they get infected there is less chance of surviving.

🔅We should go outside only when we have sanitizer and wear a mask on our face.

🔅We should use the hand wash every time whenever to enter our home from outside.

🔅We should do Yoga for strength & immunity daily.

🔅We should take herbs as per our government directives, which help us have good immunity.

My Appeal to all citizen :

🔰Coronavirus is still a gigantic problem for us, even in every country. It is spreading exponentially in most of the places. I know we love each other and care in our family and neighbors.

🔰We should stop being careless about start taking precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus infection. Follow every guideline of our Government & doctors. 
🔰If we see someone takes it casually, please request him to wear a mask, follow social distancing at least for himself and his family.
🔰I believe we can do it together. Unity is our strength.
The government is working hard to develop a vaccine for this virus. We all hope it will come soon.
Maybe my words feel harsh and angrier because of a dangerous situation, but we should start thinking positively about this problem and take all the precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

"I wish for your good health & safety from corona pandemic."

Stay Happy & Stay Healthy

Thank you.

Ritesh Kumar Singh

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