Learn Time Management Tips and Skills to can change your life forever

Best 25 Time Management Strategies to achieve your goal

Time Management Tips and Skills

"Normal people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it."

Time management tips are not new to us, we learn from our experiences. Just name a successful person, you will find some pattern about how he does his works? 

We have seen some students in our college life, some colleagues in the workplace, some in our family too who always very eminent and punctual and effective in the completion of their task due to their time management system. 

Nothing is magical, if you want to be successful you need to read and follow these rules in your daily routines. Come back with your personal experiences using these tips after a week or month and comment here what you think about it. 

What is time management and why time management strategies are it important?

We all know there are 24 hours in a day for all, no one has control over time or can slow down it. But some of us make 10 % productive and some people use effectively like more than 50 %. 

This all depends upon our time management skill, how we have planned our time to accomplish our assignments in the workplace/college life /home etc.

Definition of Time Management:

Time management is an approach in which we supervise our consumed time and then organize our activities or task accordingly to improve our effectiveness, efficiency, productivity.

Effective time management strategies require

  • motivation, 
  • discipline,
  • inspiration, 
  • positivity, 
  • punctuality, etc.

Why there is a need for time management?

First, ask yourself some questions yourself.

  • ·Do you find your daily routines in a day are essential and beneficial?
  • ·Do you normally reach on time or late in your workplace?
  • ·Do you complete your work within a defined time?
  • ·Do you feel confident while accepting works?
  • ·Are you skilled enough to complete what you need to perform in deadlines?
  • ·How much effectively you use your time?

Write down answers to these questions truly and think about it, I know we are in need of the best time management tips to manage our time efficiently. Keep these written answers with yourself and read it when you feel demotivated, it will help surely. 

Where we can use effective time management rule:

  • Time management to a student in their studies, career
  • Time management to Businessman to handle effectively their work
  • Time management to an employee to cope with the assignment and targets


 Benefits of Time Management skills /Tips:

Have you commonly felt the stress of too many assignments/ liabilities in your workplace, school, colleges, etc? While completing these assignments you are feeling a lack of time, distractions, etc.

Good time management is the real solution to all these problems to complete your task effectively in a stipulated time. 

In starting days you may feel some problems due to new routines but you will be comfortable in a few days.

The main benefits of good time management are:

1-Effective use of time
2-Increase your productivity
3-Lower your fear and stress level 
4-Motivation for future assignments
5-Increase our value and reputation in business/offices / school /colleges/home etc
6-It helps us to complete more tasks in less time
7-Time management helps you to save your time which can be used in your urgent and important work.
8- It will help in the career growth  


What are some good time management skills? 

Start following these 25 magical rules of time management which help you to grow rapidly in your business, education, career, etc but it requires disciple. 

1. Prepare an effective what to do on a list on a daily basis :

We always find ourselves confused if we don’t have an objective in our life. In our daily life routines, we have many tasks to do on a daily basis like students have to do a study of many subjects, projects, etc, working men or women have many responsibilities and different official work on a daily basis. 

You can feel confused, frustrated if you have not planned your work in the right manner.

To avoid wastage of time about remembering what is the task I have to do, make a to-do list on a daily basis. It will help you to be focused on your goal.

It also helps you to be motivated because you are able to see what you have already achieved.


2. Update your routines by analysis of your previous routines:

If we are feeling that our routines are not good enough to cope with our goals, I think we should really need to change it.

A simple example, if we are starting our day in the morning at 6am or 7am, then we need to change our routine. 

Start a bit early, maybe 30 minutes ago or it can be an hour. If you start your day at 5am with new routines, you will feel amazing and you will get a better result by the end of the day.

Changing routines is not easy in life but the motion is the rule of life. If something stops moving, nature calls it dead and it becomes worthless. It is a harsh word but you all know the truth.

You can change your time period of watching television, interaction on social media, which results in only a waste of time regularly.

These habits just become an addict because we stop seeing what is wrong about doing it.

3. Set goals for work :

For better results in time, we have to set and remember the goal of our task. We should not forget our goal because there are so many connected ways to a point and we could waste time choosing the wrong one. 

We should always stick to our goal and complete important tasks, not urgent tasks.

Don’t ignore the other possibility, write it down for a free time to think about it. It will keep your enthusiast alive and you will achieve your goals in time.

4. Don’t be a multitasking try to focus on one task at a time:

People think they are smart and they can do much work at the same time but in actual they just failed to achieve the desired goal.

We lost our quality of results if we do multitask because our brain is made to handle one work at a time.

To understand how our brain work, Click here to read it

Focus is a very important thing to reach the goal of any task, because of that we should concentrate on one thing at a time to make it productive.

5. Start your day with an objective and some motivation :

Morning is a time where our mind thinks very clearly about anything because it is just started to learn new things. At this time we should make an objective of goal what we will have to achieve today.

Motivation is a factor which helps us in many things like

  • It energizes our behavior and increases our efficiency,
  • It boosts our self-confidence and makes us friendly in any environment.
  • It increases our tolerance level.
  • It helps us to perform the task in the required time.

We should know our self what we like or what motivates us in our life. We should start with that every day. 

6. Get good sleep:

Sleeping is a need of our body to maintain its help to keep our mind and body healthy. Good sleep refers to a meaning that a time period in after which we feel fresh, energetic.

There are many benefits of good sleep 

  • Help to reduce stress
  • It helps to process the information collected by our senses by the brain, which means it improves our power of memory.
  • It improves our immunity.
  • It helps us to think healthy and clear, which leads us to do better in our work.
  • It helps to overcome the problem of mood swings.

7. Try to keep a time limit on each task:

We are discussing to utilize the time effectively here, this is very important to understand that if we do a time limit to a task then it helps us to reach the goal and concentrate on it. 

To follow the time limit we can use a reminder in watch or alarm mobile. We should generally keep the alarm a bit prior to the original so that we could not forget the deadlines. 

Time limiting helps us in increasing our focus towards our goal and stops the unnecessary attention that wastes our time. 

8. Utilize your free time, holidays :

A holiday is like a bonus to us for anything. we used to relax, spent some quality time with friends, family. 

It helps in the motivation and immune of our motivation. But we can utilize some of it by planning our long term goal and finding some inspiration, which definitely helps in achieving the goal in stipulated time.

9. Create Your daily plan on basis highest-priority tasks first :

Prioritizing your daily task is very necessary on the basis of the importance of work and its emergency both.

Benefits of prioritization of task during work:

  • We complete a high requirement task first, which is everyone's goal.
  • If we prioritize important tasks in our to-do list, then we can give our fresh mind to work on it which results in high yielding. 

10. Get rid of your distractions to save your valuable time:

In our everyday life, there are so many time wasters which come in our way like television, social media, electronic devices, etc.

Example: Every time a notification came on our phone we left our work and switched to it and when pick our phone we waste our time on unusual things that are not important regarding our goal.

11. Evaluate how your time is being spent in previous days and update it :

All these measures of time management ideas are important but we always need to evaluate what are the outcomes. 

Evaluation helps us to find out what is the shortcoming in our management so that we could work on it and make it better.

12. Keep your work workplace clean and organized :

Someone has said that a person's character is defined by how his place is organized.

If our workplace is clean and organized then it will always help to save our time and increase our productivity. 

An organized and clean place helps us to reduce our unnecessary stress.

For example, while doing our work we lost many portions of our time in searching for things for our work and if we don’t find it we feel irritated and unnecessary stress burden us and affect our motivation, achieving our goal in time, etc.

13. Use your mobile as a task reminder :

Obviously mobile is a real distraction these days because it contains a whole world inside it. 

Whenever he took our mobile in hand we started to read notifications and which belongs to different areas which make us curious to know and we become lost in our unnecessary curiosity, which we don’t need at all.

But if we use mobile as a helper like different apps which enables us to remind the right time and the task schedule.

14. Stop being a perfectionist :

Using a perfect course of action is very good to get quality results but usually, it goes wrong. 

In search of perfection, we sometimes forget our goal and switch to many options which actually wastes our precious time to achieve a single goal and excess perfectionism results in fatigue and confusion.

I am not saying don’t be creative but not in limited time, you should do it in your spare time, which doesn’t kill your precious time.

A good example coming in my mind, we see at different shops they don’t count grains they just give little extra because they will lose any opportunity of serving other customers for a small cost.

15. Reward yourself on task completion :

Whenever we complete our task we should not just take another task in our hands to do. 

A small reward like time spent in family, listening song, yoga, or meditation, which generally refresh and help our brain to prepare for the next work.

It helps us to reduce stress level, tiredness but energize us towards our new goal or assignment.

16. Diary writing habits of daily routines:

This is my personal experience that dairy writing is a very good habit, it may take some time but it will always help us to analyze our routines.

 Analyzing our routines w have already discussed above that it makes us correct our work schedule, our work preferences, etc.

17. Focus on the important and necessary work first :

Focus is a very important thing to reach our goal if we have a good focus on our work we definitely reach our goal effectively.

Our focus naturally very good in starting hours of our work like in the morning, so we need important and necessary work first.

18. Always take small breaks while switching to the next task:

Taking small breaks while switching to the next task is essential because it helps us to do a fresh start and help us to concentrate on our new task and overcome our previous task which is already completed.

19. Find some inspiration to motivate yourself by utilizing the waiting time of any work :

Suppose we need to visit a doctor and there is a rush so we have to wait in that spare time what should we do? Should we let this time go? 

Generally, we are not able to utilize waiting time by working on a task. So we can read a book, inspirational stories, listen to our favorite songs, watch some motivational videos, etc. 

20. Delegation of responsibilities or Learn to say no to a new task if your schedule is full :

There are so many responsibilities in our life like family, workplace, society, etc. Let us understand it by an example, in our work there is so many tasks we need to do in a defined time. 

Sometimes we are so burdened that we started feeling stress, frustration. So we need to delegate responsibility means to share with others or we need to say no to the task which is excess and are not feasible to do in time.

We should share responsibility with others to keep our self safe from stress which leads to reduce efficiency.

21. Always start early to do your work timely:

Punctuality is a good habit to start work on time but if we start any task just a little early will always help to reach the goal in time

22. Keep Similar work together to save and to use effectively your time :

We should avoid multitasking but while making our to-do list we should carefully think that which task is similar, which could be complete together. Though similar tasks can be easily done in the same frame of mind which saves our time.

23. Deal with your stress :

Stress is a very serious problem these days, we should really take care of this. If we are not careful about the stress problem it started growing inside us. 

If stress becomes chronic then we can start feeling issues like anger, distraction, de-motivation, short-tempered, abusive, hot talks, etc which will make our life worst.

24. Overcome Delaying tactics/procrastination:

I believe procrastination known to all of us, let me remind you about it. Remember our college time in which we decide to study but a small distraction like gossips, electronic media, etc change our mind and we ignore our study by saying we have plenty of time to study, let's enjoy today. 

A few months later we find that exams are going to start in a week and suddenly we start feeling stressed that we have no time to learn the syllabus, at last, the result speaks it all.

Actually, procrastination is our habit sometimes intentionally or sometimes because of our carelessness. We should avoid it. 

Actually, it's our job to eat a frog. I am remembering the motivational speaker Brain Tracy book title "Eat that Frog" eat a frog otherwise frog will eat you.

It means just finish the task that your procrastinating. you will feel great throughout the day. 

25. 80-20 Rule by British management consultant “Richard Koch” :

Actually “The 80/20 principle: The secret to achieving more with less”( Also known as The Pareto Principle) is a famous book written by British management consultant “Richard Koch” is about observation. This observation tells 20% of the world population holds more than 80 percent of the world's wealth and vice-versa.

Being busy or doing always hard work does not mean we are productive. Hard work is good but if we don’t do it efficiently we could achieve 20 by giving 80, but if we become smart and work efficiently we can achieve 80 by doing only 20.

A very practical example is our phone, we spent hours on it but you know how much it really useful. So use your phone efficiently not just being random to use it. Save your precious time.

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