Pandemic in India (भारत में महामारी)
A brief about COVID-19:  

The COVID-19 pandemic in India is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. According to the news sources, this disease originated from a market in Wuhan, a small city in China.

On the 30th of January 2020, the first case was confirmed in Thrissur district of Kerala in a medical student who had returned home during the vacation from Wuhan University in China. The second and third case was also reported in students who returned from Wuhan University at the beginning of February.

After these COVID cases, on the 6th of March, the Government of India begins the thermal screening of international passengers at airports. A nation-wide lockdown was imposed from 24th March, which lasted till the 30th of June. Afterward, some sorts of relief were given, but still, complete unlock is still not happened.

COVID-19 cases in INDIA: 

When India had 536 cases, the nation-wide lockdown was imposed. But still, the spike in corona cases wasn’t decreasing, on May 18th, India had its 100k COVID cases and it was increasing drastically. Currently, it has 500k+ cases and it has become among the top 5 most hit COVID-19 countries in the world. 

Although, these numbers have made you a bit terrified still there is good points too. Even India is among the top 5 most hit COVID-19 countries in the world, the recovery rate, which is 58.67%, is at highest among all these 5 countries, not only the recovery rate but also the mortality rate is way too less in compared to other countries. 

But the testing rate for the corona disease is very less than other countries for which the Indian Government is criticized a lot. According to a report, India is still not able to test even 1% of its population, the reason might be the high cost and availability of testing kit.

Now, what next…

Nowadays, the daily count of corona cases is about 20k, and its increasing day by day. Due to economic unbalance, the government had begun to unlock the shops and factories. But the state government like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra have extended lockdown till 30th July due to high spike in the cases. 

India is not only poorly affected by the COVID cases but also economically, according to International Monterey Fund (IMF) the GDP growth rate of India for the current quartile will be zero percent and may go in negatives.

 The unemployment rates are increasing rapidly, all the migrant workers have no work currently. Although the government announced a relief package of 20 lakh crore INR, which is about 10% of the GDP, still it wasn’t able to provide much economic balance to the poor laborers and farmers but was some helpful for MSMEs sector.


There are a lot of tweets and articles which blame the government for poor health infrastructure. And yes, to some extent, it is right to say that this pandemic has shown the real face of our health infrastructure, but truly is the government only who should be blamed? 

No, not exactly, it was us, the people, who didn’t follow the proper guidelines of government to battle this pandemic. Talking about the government, this pandemic was a whole new thing for everyone, for government, for experts everyone wasn’t aware of any such thing. To control the corona cases, the government did lockdown for the betterment but the result wasn’t favorable.

Today both in the health and economic sector we are backend, that’s the reason why there was unlock to anyhow boost the economy. And today, even though the scenario of corona cases is becoming bit drastically still the government wants to boost the economy.


📢Although the lockdown has been removed, it doesn’t mean that we have won this pandemic. It is our duty to protect ourselves from COVID. Whenever you go outside the home do wear the mask or put a handkerchief on your face.

Try to follow social distance of about 1meter at public places, and most importantly go outside only if it’s necessary, wash your hands and sanitize it as many times it is possible. Remember, the only formula to battle this pandemic is a precaution. 

                        😃STAY SAFE & STAY HEALTHY 😃

                                             Thank you...





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