The Skill No One Taught You

learn how to think

Ask these questions to yourself before making any decisions? Try to find about the habit of thinking. You always think about something that is absolutely normal but tries to understand its 4 attributes.

These are the following:

Purpose: Think about why you are going to do it?
Existence: Think about what are we doing
Benefits: Is this progressive, fruitful?
Effect: Am I hurting myself or anyone by doing this?

We should ask the above questions necessarily to our self, sometimes we ask some question to our self because it’s our nature unless until we don’t know about it.

If we know about something we generally think very casually and because of the casual approach of thinking don’t give expected results.

What is critical thinking :

We all need critical thinking ability. Critical thinking is a process of thinking in which a person involves his knowledge, life experiences, reasoning ability, feasibility, etc.

Why critical thinking is important :

Let's take an example, when we feel sick we go to a doctor. The doctor first evaluates us and understand our ailment, then he suggests test or medicine.

I am remembering an article which is really interesting.

                     I have lived my whole life trying to resolve our habits which are not generally finding it useful, especially how do we think. This will restrict you to interact with society. There are some lines which come usually in our mind like:

  1. People decide what they think they know very well.
  2. People think it is ok what they like.
  3. People believe their self predictions.

In this first line if we just change the line in question do I really know what I think, then you will feel very different at the time and you will start finding amazing things.

We don’t learn in school, books about how to think critically about any problem to resolve, and this is a very valuable and hard skill to do. 

We all should learn about it through our life experiences to make our future meaningful.

We all know time is very valuable throughout our life. We can not waste it by taking bad or haste decisions. We always spent most of our time correcting our past. 

This can be resolved only by accepting better decisions from starting, which saves our precious time and liveliness.

How can I train my brain to think fast?

Letus understand, How do we learn to think?

I am going to share a study which I find very interesting.
You all know about multitasking, doing more than one work at a time. This is preferred by mainly today's youngsters. Mostly They do very well.

This study made on young students belongs to different colleges /companies about there working culture. These young students show interest in multitasking generally. A collective task was given to them separately to each one.

And the result was very astonishing to the research team. Maybe you won’t believe, because they were expecting to find increased cognitive skills. But the result was totally different.

There work results were not effective. The ones who do more multitask results were poorer, not only at their mental abilities but at multitasking itself.

Again they did test for the cognitive ability of people during multitasking. They separated the groups into two different groups having low and high multitasking ability by giving different types of tasks.

They found in this test that one who has a high frequency of multitasking ability was doing worse. One who switches between work more frequently he was not able to differentiate the relevant and irrelevant data.

Actually, our brain is cable of processing one thing at a time not many. In fact, multitasking is just a thought which makes your ability to think worse, and while multitask your output becomes worse.
Thinking can define as doing one thing at a time and learn from it. It is not that you learn from other ideas, it may help sometime but not every time. 

Please try to make your own idea to face any problem in your life, don’t search on Google. Try to think about yourself

Maybe it will take some time to build your own idea. There may come a lot of distractions like mobile ting tong, many nonsense notifications of applications, social network distractions, etc.

Try to understand the line I am going to say, If I try to think about a solution, the one idea came first in my mind is always not ours, it is someone else's. 

Anywhere we have seen or learned that idea in our previous experiences. That is always conventional thoughts.

There are few people around us who shows how fast they wrote articles on any topic. I would like to share  the quote of the best novelist Thomas Mann,

"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. The good writers wrote  slowly than everyone else, there writing will be much better if they write it slowly."

There are many examples of great writers who just write a book of poems in decades, but they are the best poems. 

if we see they are not writing 2 or 3 pages in a month but they become best because they gave time in their writing and their content. 

They don’t complete it like just a work. Everyone knows T.S. Eliot a great poet, who took 25 years to write a book of 150pages. 

I am sure your eyes are wide open now, yes not even half-page in a month. Noe you can think about how writing matter, it is not about time take to write, it is about how much you give time on it.

What are our daily activities that can improve our thinking ability?

There are many activities which help us to improve our daily activities, which are :

1- Read some real-life inspirational stories

2- Do yoga, a meditation on a daily basis, which improves your health and helps you to increase your patience,

3- Reading good novels help you to increase your thinking ability

4- Try to master new things from your daily life experiences

5- Making notes of your thoughts will help you to find your weaknesses

6- Try to avoid unnecessary distractions which makes you dumb and waste your valuable time

7- Try to find out your likes and dislikes and, will help you to break your boundaries of thinking

8- Learn some new useful activities from the internet 

                  We should understand that we are not born with qualities to think clearly it always requires knowledge and regular practice. A famous proverb is "Practice makes a person perfect ".

Conclusion :

We can not improve our thinking ability in a night it requires a motivation of learning, being creative, and curious about anything.
Curiosity helps us to discover new things.
Have you ever thought about why writers take many years just to write a book? Actually, writing is not about being fast, it is about giving time and concentration to make it best and meaningful. 

We can do our best thinking ability by giving time and concentration and not influenced by other ideas. 

We can go slow. The most preferable way to improve our thinking ability is to spend our time thinking, sticking to the question.

So we say that writing is not about being fast but what you write should be best. You do your best thinking by slowing down and concentrating. 

The best way to improve your ability to think is to spend time thinking about what is your idea about it.

                            It’s only by concentrating on topic, understanding the questions, being calm, concentrating all the segments of our mind come into thinking so that we can get to an original idea. 

By proving a chance to our mind to make a coalition, make connections, and come out with the right one idea.

     Hoping, you like this article and find it useful to you & please share and subscribe.

Thanks :)

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