The Elephant And The Rope

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Some Belief That Binds Us To Grow

We all know the elephant is very strong and big in size, and a rope or normal chain can’t hold him if they try to break.

Humans are very small and weak compared to the elephant but they can control with a simple stick to train them with a belief that they can control an animal that is 15 to 20 times stronger than him.

If elephant even think to resist the human, then the human is not able to stop them. The above situations show how a belief can be stronger to hold a strong elephant to think out of the box and in the case of humans it helps to speed up our motivation. 

There was a  boy who was gone to visit grandfather village with his parents. The village was very beautiful and there was a jungle near the village. One day the boy requested his father to go to Jungle and visit the animals. His grandfather was listening and he said to the kid, I will take you to the jungle where there are many elephants.

In next morning boy was very ready and very excited to visit the elephants. His grandfather takes with him in the jungle.

The boy saw there was a very place that was made to live for elephants. There were many elephants just wandering here and there, they were not kept in any security like cages or using any chains to tie them.

The boy was very surprised to see and asked his grandfather that there are many elephants in the camp and only they are tied with normal rope. 

They are very strong and big than humans. If they want to go outside the camp, they can easily break the rope.

The boy curiously asked his grandfather why the elephant is not trying to escape by break the rope to be free himself.

His grandfather smiled and told him about

(i)How our belief form? 

(ii)What is the effect of belief?                     

The people who train elephants use the same rope from the very start when these elephants were very young and they can’t break the rope at that time.

 During the growing up of elephants, Trainers make them believe that they can’t break the rope and free himself. 

Due to long time practice elephants start to believe that they can’t break the rope and never try to go away and to stop them don’t require cages. 

Actually this is very true and it happens in our life. We always try to do something in our life and maybe we got failed sometime,some of us started to believe and hold or bind themselves in the belief that they can not get success in their work. One who tries beyond the past beliefs they always get success.

 We should not limit ourselves in a boundary of a belief that can be break by our constant hard work. We should live how we want to, not according to others. 

Try to stand up and go again for your goal, maybe you fail but you should not stop your self until you get success because practice makes man perfect and failure gives us a lesson on how we can achieve our goal.


                      "No matter how much some people or society try to stop us to go ahead in our life, we should always try to continue with the belief that what you want to achieve is possible. Experience this belief by breaking all boundaries which stop you to achieve your goal. You can only decide what you can do with your life, not society or any person."


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